Body Fuel: Chicken Soup

Tom's Real Chicken Soup


One whole 2kg chicken

8 cloves of garlic

4 large brown onions

One whole bunch of celery

Half a butternut pumpkin

5 carrots

One large cob of corn

One large head of broccoli

One stalk of rosemary

Teaspoon of proper butter





Place chopped garlic, onion and butter in a large (20 litre) soup pot and cook over a medium heat. When onions are golden brown, place chicken in the pot and cover with boiling water from the kettle. Turn heat up to high.

Refill and heat kettle. Pour the next kettle of boiling water over the bird until it is just covered with water. Place lid on the pot and keep on high until the water is boiling rapidly. Leaving lid on, turn heat down to low and leave to simmer for 15 minutes. At this point, again without removing the lid, turn the heat off completely and let sit for 1 hour.

After one hour, have another pot ready with a litre of cold water in the bottom. Remove chicken very carefully from the hot water and place into the pot of cold water. Add more cold water until the bird is again fully covered and let sit for another hour.

In this time you can prepare your vegetables and set aside.

After the bird has cooled for an hour, rip it apart! Leave the majority of the white meat in a separate container and keep for salads or sandwiches. As much remaining meat as possible should be removed from the chook and thrown into the original pot which is now just cooling on the stove top. Once you have removed as much meat as you can, throw the remaining carcass into the second pot containing the  cold water and place on high heat. Boil rapidly for half an hour or so, then let cool. Once partially cooled strained off this liquid and add this to the original pot containing the original water, garlic and onions and return to medium heat.

(If you have a steamer attachment that fits down into the soup pot you can do the rapid boiling of the carcass directly in the original water using this.)

Set the carcass (and any remaining bits) aside to cool before its final processing at the end.

You now have your original onions and garlic in the original water, with the meat you pulled from the bird (not including the white meat you set aside), with your added "stock" from boiling and straining of the carcass. Time to add the vegetables, the rosemary, salt and pepper.

Boil this with the lid off until a piece of the pumpkin is soft or until the soup has reduced to your liking and serve.

During that last 20 minutes or so of boiling, you can remove the fat, gristle, skin and any remaining meat from the cooled bones of the carcass (being very careful not to leave in any sharp bones!) and make your or someone else's dog or cat very happy as well!

Lasts in the fridge for 3 nights.



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