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If I hear one more person tell me they are going to "stop eating carbs" in order to lose a few kilos I'm going to beat them with a length of dried bamboo. This is like someone who no longer wants to drink from dirty puddles saying that they are going to "stop drinking water".

Carbohydrates, while not an "essential" nutrient (our bodies can synthesize carbohydrates if the diet doesn't include them), are most certainly our friends. If we were to "stop eating carbs", we would be eating a diet consisting of meat, cheese, oil and alcohol. Sounds like a nice Tapas-style tasting plate but no way to run the human body in the long term!

Carbohydrates, or saccharides, come from plants (with the exception of Lactose from milk) and:  

  1. Supply the body with its most preferred energy source for achieving our daily tasks
  2. Deliver vitamins and minerals to the body (primarily through complex carbs)
  3. Give the body a dose of fibre which is a very important aspect of a healthy digestive system
  4. Play key roles concering the immune system, blood clotting, fertilisation and general development   


Their major dietary sources are fruits, vegetables and grains. Why anyone would want to stop eating these food groups is beyond me…

Yes… there are carbohydrates worth avoiding and these are overly processed carbohydrates. Namely, white flour and white sugar and we would all be better off if we avoided these, but to avoid carbs altogether is doing yourself an injustice. The reason to avoid these overly processed carbs is because they have been stripped of their additional goodies like vitamins, minerals, water (mostly from fruits), protein and healthy vegetable fats, leaving only "empty calories".

As always, the answer is to be discerning. Should you reduce the total number of calories that you eat? Absolutely, by all means. Most of us could do with lowering our daily calorie intake, but please….. Stop dissin' the Carbs!

Note from Circuitry legal department: Tom does not actually intend to hit anyone, now or in the future, with a length of dried bamboo.

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