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"Circuitry Complete Fitness Training" is located in North Avalon, Sydney, Australia. It is a personal training studio designed to offer Complete Fitness training to people of all ages and fitness levels. From sport-specific high intensity training to post-operative rehabilitation. It is a fully equipped gymnasium situated half way between the beautiful Whale and Avalon beaches, with their pools, parks, sand dunes and adjoining roads and paths at the fitness trainer's disposal.

Circuitry is run by Avalon local Tom Warren and his team of personal trainers. Tom does not employ a "boot-camp" style of fitness training, rather, he and his fully qualified trainers use the "progressive overload" technique. This technique firstly takes time to establish a new clients existing level of fitness, giving respect to any existing injuries or health conditions and then progressively overloads the client towards an increased level of health and fitness. Yes, we will push you, but in a controlled and safe manner.

When Circuitry Complete Fitness Training was born, it was 100% Personal Training. Tom already had a solid client base by the time he was in his final year of University (Bachelor of Human Movement Studies, U.T.S.) doing his training either outdoors or in the client's home. When he decided to set up Circuitry Complete Fitness Training, most of these clients were more than happy to move their sessions from their lounge rooms, pool sides or garages to Tom's new comfortable fully equipped gym.

A few of these clients soon reached their respective goals at around the same time (thanks to the great fitness training). So rather than stop their personal training, they wanted to keep using this new facility and asked Tom if they could get a few of them together once a week as "maintenance" for their fitness training so they didn't slip back into their old habits of inactivity and lethergy. Tom agreed to this and the first group training class was formed. So Tom scheduled this first group class into his diary as if it was a regular personal training client.

As Tom's growing list of clients all reached their goals, one class soon became three, three soon became six and now Circuitry Complete Fitness Training offers a timetable of 16 group fitness classes per week, as well of course, still offering the best Personal Training around.

Tom's background in remedial/sports massage, his 3 years of study at UTS and his strong personal interest in food and nutrition sets him apart from many personal trainers who might only be interested in making you sweat or have sore muscles for a week after training.

One on one training not only gives you the most personally specific tailored workout possible but also allows the trainer's experience and knowledge to be passed on to the client.

If you have a specific goal or are ready to make a major change in your life then personal training is for you.

If you're not interested in one on one training, then after only 2 personal fitness training sessions (1 initial assessment and 1 trial circuit class) it is now possible to go straight into the group fitness classes.

So what are you waiting for?


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