Body Fuel …. Bottled Water

After air, water is probably my favourite substance, but I have a big problem with commercially available plastic-bottled water!

Not because of the number of half-empty crinkly little label-peeling bottles that get left behind at the gym. No….Not because of the extra volume that these afore-mentioned vessels take up in my garbage bin every week. No….Not because of the laughable claims made by these companies about how their water is better than the others, nor the inflated prices they charge. No…

The problem I have with bottled water is that these bottles are made with the cheapest, thinnest, lightest grade of plastic. These bottles, due to their chemical composition and design start to break down the moment they are pumped out into creation. Soon after this, they are filled with water and start their non-refrigerated ruff and tumble journey to the shop shelf, where they will sit and wait for the consumer to buy them. These bottles are mostly made from polyethylene terephthalate or PET and by their own manufacturers' admission should not be used more than a few times. Why? Because they start to break down and leach a chemical called DEHP (which is a probable human carcinogen), especially when they are in "less than perfect" condition, which is about the moment you pick them up, if not sooner.

Please do us all (except the drink companies) a favour, buy a stainless steel or aluminium water bottle and fill it from a tap whenever you need a drink or if you're going somewhere without access to water. I also reckon that having your own re-usable bottle and getting in the habit of carrying it with you also reminds you to drink more water, and most of us need to do just that!




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