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Ok, I think a good place to start is by admitting that this "blogging" concept is completely alien to me and it's proving quite difficult for me to get my head around. The thought that I'm going to continually broadcast information to an invisible audience via my website is a strange idea. Those of you who know me are well aware that I don't mind a chat, but I have become accustomed to having someone else, usually visible, involved in the exchange. Please believe me that there is no shortage of things to say, it's just that it feels a bit like i'm standing in a big empty room talking to myself. Maybe this is the way a novelist feels when they sit down to write a story. They must believe or at least imagine that there is an audience listening to their tale. A journalist too, i imagine, must write in a way that assumes an audience. This is very different to someone writing a diary or even their memoirs, where it is not really necessary that anyone else reads them at all. This type of writing could just be for the sole benefit of the writer themselves and any enjoyment or interest experienced by someone else down the track is incidental. It's also very different from having a conversation with someone where you get fairly immediate feedback, yet this seems to be the way some people describe the blogging process. I guess talking becomes a conversation when someone talks back?

So, given that this is not my diary, nor my memoirs, and not yet a conversation, I am going to jump headlong into the world of blogging. From this point forward I will assume that there is a large, intelligent, attentive audience incredibly interested in my every thought on any particular subject I care to raise, and willing to shout out questions or comments whenever they like.

yeah, that sounds plausible… why not? I can see you all now, settling into your seats, popcorn in hand, No sorry.. wrong image. No popcorn. Settling into your seats, note pads and pens in hand, making yourself comfortable and readying yourself for some cognitive stimulation.  

Everyone ready, good, don't go anywhere. I'm just going to grab a coffee.





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