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Our Circuitry Soft Sand Classic is a favourite feature of the year and is run bi-annually as a nice friendly competitive dive for clients and family of Circuitry in Avalon. The event takes place at North Palm Beach from in front of the surf club up to the sand dune and back (repeated twice) to make up the 5 kilometre course. It’s always a great morning and a great way to keep your fitness on track and enjoy the beautiful surrounds of the Northern Beaches.

We’ve put together some tips for the lead up to a Soft Sand Classic event and what you should be prepared for during the event. Check out Tom’s Soft Sand Classic Training and Race Day list below…


START OFF SLOW - if you’re not used to running on the sand, after the first session you’ll really stress your ankles and calves. Your feet are working much harder to deal with the soft surface. When you’re running on the road your feet and ankles have much less range of motion and the force is in the knees and hips.


STRETCH – Make sure you do a good post soft-sand ankle and calf stretch out to avoid the muscles stiffening up and getting sore.


SET YOUR SELF A 1 KM GOAL – For your first run, run within your comfort zone for the first session. The soft sand really forces you to do this but make sure you have the ability to talk about 3/4 intensity 70-80%. It’s hard to accidentally run too fast on the sand because of the intensity your body is working to push down onto a soft surface.


GRADUAL PROGRESSION – After you’ve done the 1km build up to 1.5km, then 2km, 2.5km then work towards 3.5-4km. If you can get this down pat, you’ll easily be able to push through to the 5km on race day.


GYM CROSS TRAINING – Make sure you strengthen all muscles you’ll be using. In the gym you can utilise walking lunges, step-ups, calf raises, bosu lunges, leg machine, reverse lunges will help you out.


GET HYDRATED and STAY HYDRATED – Make sure you have enough to drink before and after training and the race. Remember your body is using more energy than a normal jog to keep you going in the 5km soft sand race. Drinking water should not be over looked.


FUEL UP – Have a small complex carbohydrate breakfast like some porridge and fruit.

Enjoy yourself and run within your capacity (until the last 50metres, then go for gold!)


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